RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Cups: What Really Happened?

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler: What Really Happened?

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Cups
Don’t know about you, but this is making us crave a cold one. (Click for more pictures of this Yeti Can Cooler Cup.)

This Yeti vs RTIC Tumbler post was interesting to write, as Yeti has a history of coming after “copycat” brands. It was fascinating to watch the lawsuit of Yeti vs RTIC Tumbler unfold, bringing RTIC into the spotlight.

So, how identical are RTIC tumblers to Yeti’s tumblers? And what exactly went down in the lawsuit?

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Cups: Overview

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Cups
Click for more pictures of this Yeti-like tumbler.

Yeti Rambler Tumblers: Built for the Wild

9 Ways “RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler” Are Exactly the Same

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Differences

RTIC Best Tumbler for the Price? (Video)

Heat Retention in the “RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler” Debate (Video)

RTIC vs Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumbler Cups

Yeti’s Lawsuit Against RTIC

Top 3 Generic Accessories for Tumblers and Can Cooler Cups

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Cups: Don’t Miss This


Video #1: Yeti Rambler Tumblers
Built for the Wild

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9 Ways “RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler”
Are Exactly the Same

Basically, RTIC Tumblers are exact replicas of Yeti Tumbler Cups.

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Cups
This RTIC Tumbler is the best gift for someone who loves bright pink. (Follow link)

Both of these stainless steel tumbler cups

  • Consist of 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Are Sweat-Proof
  • Have Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation
  • For Hot & Cold Drinks
  • Are BPA-Free
  • Have Tapered Shapes
  • Come With Plastic Lids

Take a peak at our Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumbler comparison. Notably, Ozark Trail Tumblers share these exact same characteristics

As mentioned in “The 7 Best Stainless Steel Tumblers,” all of the best stainless steel tumblers share these qualities.

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler: Colors

Both brands of tumblers are available in Classic Stainless Steel and sleek Black. 

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Cups
Both  are available in the classic stainless steel look. (Click for more pictures of this Yeti Tumbler)

Ozark Trail vs RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler: Where are they manufactured?

Sadly, you’re barking up the wrong tree if you want a stainless steel tumbler made in the USA.

Both of these tumblers come from China, so there’s nothing American about these steel cups’ origin. Ozark Trail tumblers are also manufactured in China.

Video #2: RTIC Tumbler Review
Best Tumbler for the Price?

Second on the video agenda is this amazing review of the RTIC Tumbler. If you only pay attention to one thing in the “RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Cups Review,” pay attention to this!

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RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler: Differences

Of course the biggest differences are the logos stamped on the lids and the prices. However, there are also a few differences in construction, accessories, warranty, and color options.

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler: 3 Small Differences in Construction

  • RTIC Tumblers weigh less.
  • RTIC’s opening is large enough for a stainless steel straw.
  • Dimensions vary, but not by much.

Yeti Tumbler Cups and Lids are dishwasher safe, according to Yeti.

RTIC vs Yeti Tumblers: Durability

Although these tumblers and can cooler cups are nearly identical, Yeti Tumblers and Colsters are stronger than RTIC Can Cooler Cups.

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler: 7 Small Differences in Color

Remember, both brands offer the Stainless Steel and Black color options. However, they each offer their own unique colors.

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Can Cooler Cups
The Yeti Rambler in Olive Green (Click for more pictures)

RTIC’s Tumbler Unique Colors

Major win with the Camo, RTIC.

Yeti Tumbler Unique Colors

Note: Yeti’s “Seafoam” and RTIC’s “Teal” are basically the same color.

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RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler:
How do their accessories stack up against each other?

The Magslider takes “lid” to a whole new level.

The 2 RTIC Stainless Steel Tumbler Accessories

The 4 Official Yeti Rambler Drinkware Accessories

Keep in mind that there are dozens of generic accessories. Not only are they cheaper, but they’re available in a wide variety. 

Interested in saving big on generic accessories?

If so, stick around for the 3 Cheapest RTIC / Yeti / Ozark Trail Tumbler Accessories with the best value.

RTIC vs Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumbler: Warranty

  • Yeti: 5 years
  • RTIC: 7 Years
  • Ozark Trail: Lifetime

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Ozark Trail vs RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler:
Heat & Ice Retention

There’s no winner in the RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler “Heat & Ice Retention” Comparison. Throw Ozark Trail Tumblers into the mix, and you’ll see they’re almost exactly the same as well. All of them do an excellent job, though. 

To see a thorough comparison of RTIC vs Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumblers, check out Antler Score’s professional review video below. A plus is that this video shows how Walmart’s Ozark Trail Tumblers compare.

Spoiler Alert: They’re exactly the same. But if you want to see for yourself, here’s a pretty well-done video:

“How long will my beverages stay hot and/or cold?”

This all depends on a variety of factors, such as the environment you’re in. But most importantly, remember to pre-heat or pre-cool your tumblers. If you want to maximize heat/cold retention time, this will work wonders. 

All that being said, here are what the average times seem to be:

  • A Yeti Tumbler 30oz and an RTIC Tumbler 30oz will both keep your ice cold for up to 24 hours.
  • They’ll also keep your hot beverages hot for about 4-7 hours.

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RTIC vs Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumbler Cups

Other popular product in RTIC’s or Yeti’s drinkware are the Can Cooler Cups. We might as well look at Yeti vs Ozark Trail, while we’re at it. The three brands are held together by the “copycat” accusations and lawsuits.

Yeti Rambler Colster vs RTIC Stainless Steel Can Holder vs Ozark Trail Can Cooler

Yeti vs Ozark Trail vs RTIC
A kickass ‘Merica decal wrap for a Colster.

All three of these Can Cooler Cups Are:

  • Made from 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Rust-Resistant
  • Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation
  • No-Sweat Design
  • Locking Gasket
  • BPA-Free
  • Fit Most 12oz Cans

These three are nearly identical triplets. Except for the logos and prices, of course.  

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Yeti Rambler Colster vs RTIC Stainless Steel Can Holder vs Ozark Trail Can Cooler 

Usually, the store itself has higher prices. However, here’s a handy dandy, up-to-date price checker on the latest Amazon deals. 

Yeti Rambler Colster

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler

RTIC Stainless Steel Can Hugger

RTIC vs Yeti vs Ozark Trail

Ozark Trail Can Cooler

RTIC vs Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumbler Cups

Can Cooler Cups vs Tumbler Cups

Can Coolers like these are best for times when you’re going to be drinking from a lot of 12 oz cans or bottles, or when you want something denser. Another benefit is the low center of gravity and width; they’re less likely to topple over than tumblers.

Some people are fine with just a tumbler for both hot and cold drinks, but adding a stainless steel “can hugger” really rounds out the collection.

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler

Obviously, the Ozark Trails vs RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Cups are about the same. But this isn’t out of the ordinary. Once technology has been discovered, it’s normal for other companies to catch on and adapt.

So why did Yeti win its lawsuit against RTIC? They won it because RTIC directly attacked Yeti with advertising sayings like “half the price of Yeti and holds more ice.”

Don’t fear, RTIC-lovers. RTIC is climbing back up on the horse and will be coming out with redesigned tumblers and coolers soon. 

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The 3 Cheap Generic Tumbler & Can Hugger Accessories
with the best value

As promised, here are 3 of the best generic accessories. These will work with RTIC, Yeti, Ozark Trail, and many more stainless steel tumblers or can cooler cups.

#1. Camo Skin Decal for Yeti, RTIC, Ozark Trail Can Cooler Cups
RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Accessories

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Can Cooler Cups Accessories
Wrap this around your can cooler cup while hunting, fishing, or camping. Click for more pictures and patterns.


First on this list is this ultra cheap skin decal to personalize your stainless steel can cooler cup – no matter what brand you choose.

  • “Grassy Marsh” Style Camo
  • Decal Vinyl Skin Wrap
  • Dual Layered
  • Waterproof & UV Protected Against Fading
  • Easy to apply without air bubbles
  • Easy removal with no sticky residue.
  • Professional Grade Material
  • Made In U.S.A. by “WraptorSkinz”


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#2. F-32 Handle in 17+ Colors

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Can Cooler Cups
Click for more pictures of this handle in 17+ colors.

Now, a bargain RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler accessory is great because it’s cheap. But this handle is socially and environmentally aware. Cha-ching! Take my money.

#.1 Comes with F-32 Lifetime Warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

#2. Fits most 30 oz. tumblers/travel mug on the market. 

#3. Extra thick anti-slip rubber locks firmly 

#4. The F-32® Handle is ergonomically designed for comfort

#5. Made from eco-friendly, recyclable, BPA free, FDA approved,

#6. Highly durable Polypropylene Plastic adhering to ASTM standards (American Society for Testing and Materials).



#3. All Inclusive RTIC / Yeti / Ozark Trail Tumbler Accessory Set

RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler Cups
Click for more pictures of this practical and dirt cheap stainless steel tumbler cup accessory set.

Last of all, there’s this extremely practical accessory set. It includes everything you need, making it a great gift.

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RTIC vs Yeti Tumbler
To infinity…and beyond!

If you’re looking for a quality tumbler or “can hugger,” you can’t go wrong with any of these. And we can’t emphasize this enough: there are plenty of other brands of tumblers with the exact same qualities.

Before setting on an RTIC or Yeti Tumbler or Cup, make sure to check out our detailed reviews about other brands of Tumblers and Can Cooler Cups.

After considering all your options, we’re sure you’ll be happy with your purchase. Happy Trails!

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