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  • Our beer glass coolies come with a cigarette and lighter holder everything that matters in life in a pouch close to your beer and hand. Whether it’s your beer, smokes, and lighter or your pop, phone, and lipstick we have you covered!
  • The 3mm thick high-quality neoprene sleeve carefully sewn, tightly holds your belongings: it prevents them from getting wet of falling out as you drink, and it is not cheap foam
  • Our beer koozie insulates the bottle to lock in the cold for long periods of time. It is collapsible for easy carry around when not used.
  • Fits cups and pint glasses! Comes with an integrated key ring.
  • Do you say koozie, cozy, coozies, kozy, or any other? Doesn’t matter. You will not find this type of insulator anywhere as we have it patented so get yours now and be the envy of the party!


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