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How To Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules

How To Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules:

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game
Starts out tame, ends up crazy.

Ready to take your weekend evenings to the next level? The Landmines Drinking Game is a crazy game that gets better and  better as the game goes on. While it starts out pretty simple, the longer the game continues, the more “landmines” activate, the more beers are downed, and the more difficult it is to play. Get ready to learn How to Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules – with complete instructions, variations, pictures and videos.

Get together with your good friends, plenty of alcohol, a quarter, and a table. It’s gonna be a fun night!

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules
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Landmines Drinking Game Equipment:

*Although you just need one quarter, you’ll want to have some back ups… Quarters are small, and the drunker you get the easier it is to lose them!

Landmines Drinking Game Rules:

  1. The game starts with a player spinning a quarter.
  2. While the quarter is spinning, the player must use the same hand that they used to spin the quarter to grab their beer and take a drink.
  3. The objective is to take a drink and pick up the quarter while it is still spinning.
  4. If the player does not get the quarter while it is still spinning or uses his wrong hand they have to take a drink and do their turn again.

So, like all of the best drinking games, the more you suck – the drunker you’ll get. If you’re a visual learner, stay tuned for the video demonstrations.

How to Play Landmines Drinking Games With Rules
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What About The Landmines?

  1. When a player finishes their beer, they can slam their empty can onto another player’s spinning quarter.
  2. If they successfully slam their empty can (or cup, shot glass, etc.) onto the other player’s quarter, that player has to take a penalty drink.
  3. Also, the “crushed quarter” player has to start their turn over again.
  4. This empty can is now a “landmine” and stays in that exact spot for the rest of the game.
  5. The landmines are obstacles that can stop your quarter from spinning if it hits.

As you can see, the more beers you finish, the more obstacles (“landmines”) there will be.

How Much Do You Have To Drink?

There are a few ways to play when it comes to drinking while your quarter is spinning.

Shots of beer – First, there’s the “shots of beer” way to play.

For this variation, you have to pour out a shot of beer and then drink it before your quarter stops spinning. Obviously, this adds some difficulty to the game. Because it takes time to pour out the shot, it’s a lot harder in comparison to just taking a drink of your beer.

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules
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Classic drink of your beer – The classic way to play, the player just has to take a drink out of their beer before the quarter stops spinning. No frills here. You don’t need to bring anything extra to play this way (like a shot glass).

Red solo cups – Wager your friends. Fill your cup as high as you want to bet into your red solo cup before you start your turn.

Bet your friends whether or not you will drink all of your drink before the quarter stops spinning. If you mess up, finish your drink and slam the contents of the red solo cup.

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules:
Video Demos
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Landmine Drinking Game Tutorial #1

Fun Drinking Games for a Party:
Landmine Drinking Game Tutorial #2

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules

Go Get ‘Em, You Party Animal You

Leave a comment down below about some good stories playing Landmines the drinking game! You can also leave us a comment for which drinking game you would like to see on Chuggie.

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Remember to have fun with these drunk games, but never drink and drive. Cheers!

How to Play Landmines Drinking Games with Rules
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