Best Movie Drinking Games

Best Movie Drinking Games: The Best Movies for Drinking Games

Welcome to the 5 Top Rated Best Movie Drinking Games! Some of the best things about movie drinking games is how easy they are, and how cheap.

You can play this as part of a small group, or even when hosting a larger party. The only thing that restricts the number of players for this game is your couch space! Without further ado, here’s the list of the Top 5 Best Movie Drinking games.

#1. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Best Movie Drinking Games

Best Movie Drinking Games: Best Movies for Drinking Games
“How to Play Anchorman Movie Drinking Game, Ron Burgundy Approved Rules”

The Anchorman Drinking Game is a best movie drinking game where you drink along to the legend of Ron Burgundy.

Here are a few basic rules, although we have a full write-up with these Ron Burgundy approved rules at How to Play Anchorman Movie Drinking Game.

Best Movie Drinking Games Without Cards
A Best Movie for Drinking Games, Anchorman

Throughout this beer drinking game, take a shot of beer whenever:

Whenever anyone lights a smoke on screen, drink up!
Baxter Barks
Drink a generous amount of scotch during the “scotchy scotch scotch” scene
Every time Ron reads something incorrectly off the teleprompter
When you hear “I’m not even mad, that’s amazing!”
Whenever Ron and Veronica try to sabotage each other

Drink as much as you want when:
Poor Baxter gets kicked off a bridge
Ron finds himself in a “glass case of emotion”
Drink as much scotch as you want during the “scotchy scotch scene”

These are just a few of the vanilla rules; read How to Play Anchorman Movie Drinking Game for the really good stuff!


#2. Zoolander

Best Movies for Drinking Game

Best Movie Drinking Games: Best Movies for Drinking Games
Zoolander Movie Drinking Game: Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Rules”

Since Zoolander has a lot of humor based on making faces, the most basic version of this game involves taking a drink whenever a character does a “Blue Steel” or any other signature “look.”

However, there’s plenty more to the movie, so if you’re looking to switch it up, How to Play Zoolander Drinking Game has all the rules and variations you need for this fun, easy drinking game.

Best Movie Drinking Games, Best Easy Drinking Games
Have a Cheap, Fun drinking game like this for antsy movie watchers (Follow link for Pictures/Discounts)

Finally, some of our favorite Zoolander Movie Drinking Game Rules:

  • Blue Steel- Two drinks every time a character does “Blue Steel”Drink once for every special model “look”
  • Messages- Everyone pulls out their phones to see who has the most notifications and/or unread texts during the message machine scene. Whoever has a bit above average (the most in the group), wins and gets to make everyone else drink.
  • Walk-Off- Anyone wishing to compete must say so during this scene. Everyone competing must chug an entire drink, then do their best Blue Steel. Non-competing spectators choose a winner, and the loser (or losers) must drink.

For complete set of this fun drinking game’s rules, see How to Play Zoolander Movie Drinking Game With Rules.

#3. Titanic


Best Movie Drinking Games: Best Movies for Drinking Games
How to Play Titanic Movie Drinking Game With Rules

How to Play Titanic Drinking Game With Rules, Best Movie Drinking Games, Beer Drinking Games for Adults
Titanic, one of the Best Movies for Drinking Games

Near, far, wherever you are, you’re going to enjoy the Titanic Movie Drinking Game. Perhaps “enjoy” isn’t the best word, since at the end you’ll be crying the tears only red wine and Leonardo DiCaprio can produce.

Here is just a tiny sampling of the complete rules for this best movie drinking game. Whenever these things happen, bottoms up!

  • “My Heart Will Go On” plays.
  • Rose’s granddaughter shows up.
  • Cal and Rose fight with each other.
  • Any two characters kiss each other.
  • Someone smokes a cigarette.
  • You see someone spitting.
  • A rocket or flare lights up.
  • The movie switches from the past to the future, or the other way around.
  • Any character says “Jack” or “Rose.”

#4. Top Gun

Best Movie Drinking Games

Ready to get hella tipsy? Get ready, because Top Gun Drinking Game leaves no man (or woman) sober. Here’s a short sampling of our favorite rules and variations for this fun, best movie drinking game:

  • Drink every time a goose flies into the windshield of a plane
  • Drink every time a plane is shown taking off
  • Finish your drink when you hear the line “you can ride my tail any day!”
  • Finish your drink when someone wears sunglasses indoors
  • Take a shot every time “it’s classified”

How to Play Top Gun Movie Drinking Game With Rules

And some best movie drinking game variations:

He Was a Good Man- Do a shot every time there’s a pilot death. Chug during the terrible eulogy.

Daddy Issues- Clink glasses in commiseration when Maverick talks about his relationship with his father, then do a shot to help him get over it.

Playing Favorites- Everyone picks a character and drinks when their character’s call sign is mentioned.

For full instructions, see How to Play Top Gun Drinking Game With Rules.

Best Movie Drinking Games: Best Movies for Drinking Games
Embrace the Dysfunction with Stepbrothers Movie Drinking Game

#5. Stepbrothers

Best Movie Drinking Games for Adults

This is one of those “duhhh” top drinking games. Of course we couldn’t leave the Stepbrothers Drinking Game out of this list! You’ve probably noticed by now that Chuggie loves movie and tv drinking games. What can we say? We like vegging out on the couch and drinking…and it’s so much fun when we get to turn it into a drinking game.

Below are some of our favorite rules for this fun beer drinking game for adults:

Best Movie Drinking Games
Another great side-game for antsy movie-watchers
  • Alice’s love for Dale is referred to.
  • Someone says “Shit!”
  • The boys test their boundaries.
  • Any character uses the word “cinnamon.”
  • You see a cameo.
  • Derek’s wife hits on Dale.
  • You hear “Fancy Sauce.”
  • A boat appears on screen.
  • “Curly headed fuck” is said.
  • Anyone says “Doback.”

Drink nonstop for the duration of these scenes:

  • When Brennan puts his Nut Sack on Dale’s Drum Set
  • Dale’s fart-filled interview.
  • Alice’s dream sequence.
  • Brennan’s therapist’s dream sequence.
  • The credits roll.

Have the stepbrothers’ charm convinced you? For full rules and more variations, go to Embrace the Dysfunction, Stepbrothers the Best Movie Drinking Game.

Best Movie Drinking Games: Best Movies for Drinking Games
And these are just the 5 Top Rated!

As we come to a conclusion of the 5 Top Rated Best Movie Drinking Games, we want to remind you that there are so many more great movies for drinking games out there!

In fact, here’s a list of more alcohol drinking games with movies:
Mustache Drinking Game (Rules Your Perma-Stoned BFF Will Understand)
Star Wars Drinking Game: May the Force Be With You!

For even more movie drinking games, check out these Christmas Drinking Games. As always, drinking responsibly and have fun. Cheers!

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