Best Parachute Hammock Reviews

Best Double Parachute Hammock Reviews for Sleeping in the Sky

Best Parachute Hammock Reviews
For Sleeping in the Sky

Whether the idea of sleeping in the sky sounds whimsical, practical, or romantic, the best parachute hammocks are fantastic for camping. The goal of “Best Parachute Hammock Reviews for Sleeping in the Sky” is to answer FAQs, share well-researched reviews, and offer handy tips for hammock camping.

A key point in this Best Double Parachute Hammock is that our primary focus is on double hammocks. While double hammocks can handle two, they’re also great for sprawling out in alone!

Best Double Parachute Hammock Reviews: Overview

Best Parachute Hammocks Review
ENO’s Twilights LED String Light is a must-have hammock accessory

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a handy table of contents for your convenience:

#1. What Exactly is a Parachute Hammock?
#2. Review of the Best Parachute Hammock with the Highest Quality
#3. Review of the Best Parachute Hammock for the Money
#4. The Ultimate Double Parachute Hammock
#5. Video Demo: How to Hang a Parachute Hammock
#6. Hammock Camping vs Tent Camping


What exactly is a Best Parachute Hammock?

Many thanks to The Ultimate Hang for their helpful post entitled “Parachute Nylon Comparison Chart.” Basically, there are 3 main characteristics of a hammock that make it a “Parachute Hammock.”

  • First, these trusty hammocks are the most-enjoyed types of hammock on the market.
  • Also, the first trademark of a Parachute Hammock is its tafetta nylon material (50-60 Denier)
  • Additionally, Parachute Hammocks have a “crinkly” appearance.

While that isn’t a comprehensive definition, hopefully it’s a helpful refresher.

#1. Best Parachute Hammock Reviews:
The Best Double Parachute Hammock

Trek Light Gear Double Best Parachute Hammock Plus Rope Kit

Chuggie Award: The Parachute Hammock with the Best Quality

Best Parachute Hammock Reviews for Two People
Follow the link for Discounts/Pictures

SIZE: 10’L x 6’6“W
WEIGHT:  1 lb
TYPE: Inline design with nylon construction
SET-UP: All components included (if purchased with rope kit)
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


This hammock is the top-of-the-line pick for parachute hammocks!  The sturdy construction will last for years, while the multiple options for setup allow you to customize it for maximum comfort.

Bonus Features

Best Parachute Hammocks ReviewWhile the lightweight parachute fabric is a huge selling point, the number one feature with this set is the 3 year warranty from the manufacturer-talk about a load off the mind!  

This guaranteed protection will allow you to feel extra relaxed while swinging in this hammock knowing that the company has your back should anything go wrong…but since it’s such solid construction, that’ll be unlikely.

The rope kit is also a real steal here when it comes to quick and easy setup. Even better is that it’s durable enough to last for years, and shockingly lightweight so it won’t add any undue burden to your pack!

Special Considerations

Best Parachute Hammocks Review
ENO’s underquilt provides the insulation you’ll need in chilly weather (Click for Pictures/Discounts)

Like all parachute hammocks, the fabric is extra breathable. This is great when it’s hot, but not so much when it cools down, so if you’re planning on using this rig anywhere cold make sure to bring some extra insulation-and a cuddle buddy certainly wouldn’t hurt!

Best Uses

This hammock is ideal for any sort of overnight trip. Whether it’s a weekend of camping or a multiple day music festival, this hammock is great to pack and go.  Set this thing up in a snap, then just kick back and relax until you feel ready to go again!

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#2. Best Parachute Hammock Reviews:
The Best Double Parachute Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters DoubleOwl Best Parachute Hammock

Chuggie Award: The Best Parachute Hammock for the Money

SIZE: 10’L x  6’ 6”W
WEIGHT: 1.6 lbs
TYPE: Parachute fabric inline hammock
SET-UP: Carabiners attached and included ropes for hanging
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 3 stars


Best Parachute Hammock Reviews
Follow for even more pictures of this all-inclusive pack

This is the softest, most portable hammock out there. The 210T parachute nylon material will cradle you to sleep wherever you decide to hang your bed for the night.  With a variety of colors to choose from, you can either stand out, blend in, or color coordinate to your car and other camping equipment if you so desire!

Bonus Features

A convenient carry bag holds the hammock, carabiners, and included ropes, and compresses down to about a grapefruit-sized ball.

Additionally, the color variety can’t be beat AND the same brand also sells single hammocks.  At this price, consider doubling up in case you need a backup, a place to hold your stuff, or are planning a strictly solo adventure.

Special Considerations

As the budget option, there can be some slight variation in construction, though they seem to have a spotless record lately.  Quality and affordability, all in one package!

As the hammock straps are only 10 feet long, you may want to add on the Wise Owl Outfitters 20′ long hammock straps.

Best Uses

Best Parachute Hammock

This hammock is practically begging to go on a cross country road trip with you.  Head out to your nearest national park, set up shop to relax, then pack up and head on to another park until you’ve visited them all (or run out of money!)

You’ll be able to get a little further with this pick, since you’re saving on your hammock setup. But ultimately, who can worry about money in a hammock this great?

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#3. Best Parachute Hammock Reviews:
The Best Double Parachute Hammock

Eagle Nest Outfitters Double Nest Best Parachute Hammock

Chuggie Award: The Most Versatile, Best Parachute Hammock

ENO Hammock Parachute Material

SIZE: 9’4”L x 6’2”W (unfolded), double
WEIGHT: 1.19 lbs
TYPE: Inline design crafted of nylon taffeta for lightweight breathability
SET-UP: Comes with carabiners attached, tree straps sold separately if needed
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


This is the ultimate in parachute hammocks from the ultimate in hammock companies. The construction is top of the line, the setup is dead simple, and at just over 1lb it won’t weigh you down during your wildest adventures.

Bonus Features

Best Parachute Hammocks Review

Attached carabiners? Check.

Nautical grade line? Of course.

Breathable nylon fabric? You know it!

This hammock features top of the line construction that ensures durability and comfort for years to come!

In addition to the high quality, this hammock is lightweight and versatile, so you can take it with you when you travel without worrying about weighing down your bags!

Special Considerations

If you’re headed out someplace that lacks carabiner-sized branches or pegs, you’ll need hammock straps, which are sold separately.

Additionally, you’ll want to either splurge on underquilts and winter tarps or stick to warmer vacation locations, since the material for this hammock is highly breathable.

Recommended: “Reviews of the Best Hammock Tarps for Rain, or Shine.”

Best Uses

Best Parachute Hammock Review

The great thing about this hammock is it can go anywhere you can, so buy your ticket and pack your bags! This thing can accompany you in the car, on a plane, or even on a boat.  

Headed out on an open-ended adventure and need to keep your bags light? This won’t weigh you down. Testing out a minimalist approach while traveling the world?

Basically, if you’re looking to make a parachute hammock your portable nap pod, or even your main place to sleep while you roam, this one is the perfect pick.


Whatever your weekend plans, there’s a parachute hammock pick to help improve them.  Whether you’re going hard on quality with the Trek Light Gear Double, saving some green with the Wise Owl Outfitters DoubleOwl, or keeping your options open with the ENO Double Nest, you’re sure to add in some relaxation to your plans with one of these picks.

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#4. Best Parachute Hammock Reviews
Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1. “So, I’ve found the best parachute hammock for my fiance and me. How the heck do I hang this thing?”

In this situation, a video demo does a better job than we can in explaining how to set up your luxurious new bed in the sky!

Best Parachute Hammock Video Demo
How to Hang a Parachute Hammock

FAQ #2. Is a Double Parachute Hammock right for me? Or am I wasting my time searching for the best parachute hammock?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a black and white answer. However, there are a few things to ask yourself to help you make a decision:

  • First, you should know that even double parachute hammocks are a tight fit for many adults. Consider the size of you and your potential hammock-mate and even try out one of your friends.
  • It’s also important to know your intentions. If you want to backpack the Appalachian mountains for weeks at a time, a Parachute Hammock might be too heavy for you. Instead, you should try an Ultralight Tent.

Weigh your options, ask around, and do the research. You’ll be glad you did! At the bottom of this post, you’ll find some helpful tips about hammock camping.

#5. Hammock Camping
Best Parachute Hammock Review

So, you’re entertaining the thought of hammock camping, eh? That’s fantastic. Hammock camping is, in many ways, better than tent camping! (Don’t get us wrong; we love all forms of enjoying the world Mother Nature’s blessed us with.) Have your own opinion on what the Best Parachute Hammock brand is? Drop us a comment in the box below. Happy Trails!

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