How To Play Beer Pong Trolling Rule

Beer Pong Trolling Rule – Official Beer Pong Rules #3

Beer Pong Trolling Rule

Beer Pong Trolling Rule:
Chuggie’s Official Beer Pong Rules #3

Troll Beer Pong Rule Beer Pong Table
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The Beer Pong Trolling Rule or “The Troll Rule” adds an element of danger to any beer pong game. When someone sucks so tremendously at beer pong, the Troll Rule will help you and your friends remember that day for a very long time. 

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Beer Pong Trolling Rule
AKA “Troll Rule”

How To Play Beer Pong Trolling Rule

If your team loses and you don’t make a single cup the whole game, you must sit or stay under the beer pong table (aka bridge) for the duration of the next game and act like a troll. The Troll Rule takes effect when one person fails so hard that they don’t make a single cup the whole game.

Beer Pong Trolling Rule

Technically, the troll may even be a member on the winning team. Your partner would have to have some mad skills for that to happen, since they’d have to land every cup. However, there are two ways people interpret what happens:

Beer Pong Trolling Rule
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#1. Since the winning team moves ahead, most house rules argue that winning means the “sucky” beer pong player doesn’t have to sit the next game out as troll.

#2. Other, more die hard beer pong house rules, state that the person has to be a troll the next game even if their team wins.

Rules of Trolling
What exactly does “Beer Pong Troll Rule” mean?

If your team loses and you don’t make a single cup during the whole beer pong game, then you must sit or stay under the beer pong table (a.k.a the bridge) during the next game. Oh, and don’t forget to do your best troll impression during your penalty.

While “trolling,” your total purpose is to do everything in your power to distract the beer pong players. Making lots of loud troll noises, grabbing players’ ankles, legs, and demanding a toll are all highly encouraged.

Beer Pong Troll Gets ICED

The #1 Tip for a Troll

Did you fall prey to the beer pong trolling rule? If you have to spend a game as a troll, just be careful not to let your trolling antics go toooo far. I’ve seen trolls bump the table above them so hard all the beer spills. 

How To Play Beer Pong Trolling Rule
Use a bargain ice rack to keep your beer chilled.

But the worst thing I witnessed, by far, was a troll who tripped a girl walking by. She did a face plant and broke her nose! Buzz kill.

Yeah, you’ll probably be drunk since you just lost so badly the last round. But just remember my words of wisdom and rein it in a little. Serious beer pong party fouls are never funny even for a troll. Get back under your bridge!


Trolling Rule vs Skunk Lap Rule

Often, people mix up the Beer Pong Trolling Rule or “The Troll Rule” with the Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Rule.

The Troll Rule penalizes just one player for fucking up. The Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Rule, on the other hand, penalizes the entire team. In this case, both players have missed all of their cups. To further humiliate them, they must both hold hands and complete a naked lap. 

Beer Pong Trolling Rule

What To Do If You Catch a Beer Pong Troll

If you’re lucky enough to witness a trolling in beer pong at the next beer pong party, have fun with it! Make sure you run around telling everyone at the party that the latest loser just got trolled. Tell them how much they suck being unable to make one shot the whole game and toss them the troll wig.

Now Comes the Fun Part!

Now that you’ve got the Beer Pong Trolling Rule down, congrats! You’ve graduated. It’s time to move on to bigger and better things:

How To Play Beer Pong Troll Rule

#1. Master the Ring Of Fire Beer Pong Rule and the Island Beer Pong Rule.

#2. Pick up some Beer Pong Trolling Trophies in preparation for the next beer pong troll!

#3. Take a couples pictures hashtagging #Chuggie #Troll. We’ll add them to the Troll Rule list and reblog the shenanigans!

#4. If you’re a newbie, read all the beer pong house rules you can!

#5.  Put this funky troll wig for the troll to wear at the next beer pong party.

How To Play Beer Pong Trolling Rule
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Most importantly, have fun and drink responsibly! Recommended:
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