Beer Pong Redemption/Rebuttal Shot Rule

Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule – Official Beer Pong Rules #14

Beer Pong Redemption Shot Rule
Chuggie’s Beer Pong House Rules – Rule #14

Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule

As almost every one of Chuggie’s House Rules blog posts says, our team loves to make beer pong as dramatic as possible. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of the Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule (Both names mean the same thing), you can start partying with your drinking buddies asap.  

How To Play Beer Pong Redemption Shot / Rebuttal Shot
These colorful balls are dirt cheap and come in a pack of 50. Click for more pictures!

How Does Redemption Shot Work in Beer Pong?

If you’re losing, the Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rules gives the losing team a chance to make a comeback.

How To Play Beer Pong Redemption Rebuttal Rule
Yes, yes they did.


How the Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule Comes in to Play

For some reason, the Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule is a little tricky to explain. So I’ll use the examples of two friends, Russ and Robbie. (You may remember them from the Uno Drinking Game post.)

Despite their usual success, they’re losing badddly tonight. Maybe it was all the brewskis they had before the beer pong party even started. But according to the Beer Pong Redemption Shot Rule, the game isn’t over even when the opposing team hits Russ and Robbie’s last cup. 


Beer Pong Rebuttal Shot
Robbie and Russ had just a few too many pre-game drinks.

What happens after a player from the winning team hits the last cup?

How To Play Beer Pong Rebuttal Shot rule
This regulation beer pong table has a white board surface and comes with dry erase markers. (Click for pictures)

I’m glad you asked. There are two outcomes – one is sudden death, and the other is more complicated.

Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule  Outcome #1

Next, the second player of the opposing team gets a chance to shot at the last cup, too. If both players on the opposing team sink Russ and Robbie’s last cup, the game is over.

Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule #2

However, if only one player from the opposing team sunk the shot, the Beer Pong Rebuttal Shot Comes into play.

Luckily, Russ and Robbie get a a Beer Pong Redemption Shot, which is often referred to as the “Shoot Until You Miss Rule.”


Redemption Shot In Beer Pong Rule
What happens next?

When the Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot is in play, Russ and Robbie get a chance to hit all of the beer pong cups remaining on their opponents’ side. A key point is that the must sink the SAME cup as their partner each round. They takes turns shooting until one of them misses. Then the game is over and they’ve lost.

How To Play Beer Pong Redemption Shot Rule
The pain players feel after losing a match.


How To Play Beer Pong Redemption Rule
The pure joy felt by Robbie and Russ after sinking the same cup.

If, during redemption, both players sink a ball in the same cup, it’s a game changer. Then the losing team gets yet another shot at redemption. But that’s not all! The opponents must remove the hit cup as well as one other cup. Russ and Robbie get to choose which cup that will be.

Basically, the two buddies will continue to shoot, under two conditions:

  • They still have to sink the same cup each turn.
  • Neither of them can miss. 

In the event that they successfully hit all of their opponents’ cups without missing any shots, the game goes into overtime.

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Beer Pong Redemption Shot / Rebuttal Shot Beer Pong Rule
Key Details

  • Suppose Russ and Robbie successfully ground their opponents down to their last cup.
  • If Russ misses, the game isn’t over. (Talk about redemption!)
  • Robbie would then get a chance to hit the last cup.
  • It’s important to realize that they can’t win using the Ring of Fire technique during the redemption shots.
  • However, if they manage to hit the death cup, cha-ching! Robbie and Russ have won the game.
  • Re-racks are not allowed during the Redemption Shot.
Beer Pong Redemption Shot Rule
Again, making a complete comeback is rare. Which is why it’s so fucking awesome when you DO!
How To Play Beer Pong Redemption Shot Rule
The perfect cheap gift for players who win with the Beer Pong Rebuttal rule. (Click for more pictures)

Official Beer Pong Rebuttal Comebacks Rule

As I mentioned before, this rule allows for a dramatic comeback. This is when, hopefully, adrenaline will really help you dial it in.

It’s extremely tough to make a comeback, but you’ll be ready for that after working through each rule on the Chuggie House Rules list.

If you’re the one on the winning side, don’t be too worried if your opponents get to make use of the Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule. Making a complete comeback is rare.

Since players rarely manage to make a successful comeback, it makes it all the more exciting when they do succeed.

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Video: “Beer Pong Redemption

Like a lot of other beer pong videos, this isn’t the best quality. I recommend skipping ahead to 1 minute 9 seconds. Here, you can see the shot and also get a feel for how rare it is!

Now it’s time to hustle. Take advantage of  the beer pong tips, strategies, and videos below. 

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The 5 Most Essential Pieces of Beer Pong Equipment

Quality beer pong sets are so important. Go big or go home, am I right?

Beer Pong Rebuttal Shot Rule
GoPong is a trustworthy brand with great beer pong equipment.

The following are five of the most important pieces of Beer Pong Equipment:

Why do you need quality equipment?

For one thing, it’s fun!  And there are plenty of  bargain beer pong sets with good value, so it doesn’t cost much. Sweet beer pong tables, cups, and balls work together to give you the organization and confidence you need to win. 

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Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule

How To Play Beer Pong Rebuttal Shot Rule

If you’re hosting the next beer pong night, make sure to display your Beer Pong House Rules on a poster or sign. Having these guidelines displayed makes it easier for everyone. 

For example,the scandalous Naked Lap Rule or playing the game in your underwear due to Bitch Cup. As you can imagine, this can lead to some drunken brawls when players disagree about what the “Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule” actually means. Some house rules don’t even include Redemption Shots.

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Play the “Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule” in style

How To Play Beer Pong Redemption Shot Rule
When you know you’re going to end up pantsless by the end of the night.

Whatever you wear, it’s hella fun to get into the spirit of partying. BUT when you can tailor it to a specific beer pong rule, it gets even better. For example, you can bring a blue troll wig to your next beer pong party and make the troll wear it for the rest of the night. 

Here are my favorite pieces of bargain beer pong apparel:

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Beer Pong Redemption Shot Rule
The Top 4 Beer Pong Strategies to Up Your Game

How To Play Beer Pong Rebuttal Shot Rule


#1. Shots, shots, shots, shots!

Why do I love beer pong so much? Well, you’re getting drunk and throwing balls around. Obviously, that’s the number one reason. But the next best reason is that you get better the drunker you get! So, get out of your head a little by doing a couple shots or playing a round of Most Likely.

How To Play Beer Pong Redemption Rebuttal Shot Rule
Merica. We love our beer pong. (Click for more pictures)

#2. Dress for Success

Dress to Impress! Whether you want to go sexy, cute, hilarious, or quirky, go with whatever makes you feel best. Then, when you do make that crazy rare Redemption Comeback, you’ll dazzle with all eyes on you. You sexy beast, you.

#3. Take a Chill Pill

Sometimes getting too competitive ruins the fun. Remember, the number one reason is to have fun! Even if you troll, you still spent time being fucking awesome.


As cliche as it is to say, practice really does make perfect. So watch all the videos you can, and get your Trick Shots and even Sniper Shots down pat.

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How To Play Beer Pong Redemption Shot Rebuttal Shot Rule

The Top 2 Beer Pong Strategy Videos

#1. How to Not Suck at Beer Pong

Beer Pong Equipment
Keep your beer cold with a cheap but high quality frozen beer rack.

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#2. Beer Pong Strategy Video

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Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot Rule
Beer Pong Set Up

Beer Pong Set Up for Beer Pong Redemption / Rebuttal Shot
Don’t be that guy.

Of course not everyone sets up beer pong equipment the same, but here’s how it usually goes:

#1. On each end of the table, there are ten 16oz plastic cups arranged in a cup formation know as the “full rack.”

#2. Usually, each cup is filled with beer.

Beer Pong Elbow Rule
Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

#3. Although, sometimes players fill them with root beer or plain water. Or you know, if a bunch of winos got together it’d be wine.

#4. I recommend filling the cups only 1/4 to 1/3 full, but it all depends on whether you want to get drunk or you want to get completely wasted

#5. Additionally, there’ll be one cup of water at the end of each table. The water cups are for rinsing off the ball after each shot.

#6. As long as you have at least two ping pong balls ready to go, you’re off to the races!


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